Firefly Sisterhood, 10 years 2014-2024


We are Here to Support You

Get one-to-one support from a Peer Mentor Guide who has a similar life and breast cancer experience as you. The first step is to complete our simple, and very brief, Get Support Form. Once we receive your information, we schedule a phonecall with you and one of our match specialists. There are three steps that follow:


We ask about your background and your life, as well as your diagnosis details and treatment plan, so that we can thoughtfully match you with someone who’s similar to you.

Match Process

We review our guides’ cancer types and treatments for similarities, and we consider how their lifestyles will align with yours. The matching process is completely personalized for you.

Peer Mentor Guide Connection

After you receive an introduction email from Firefly Sisterhood, your guide will contact you directly. Together, you’ll decide when and how often you want to connect.

Our services are free, confidential and available at any time in your breast cancer journey. We are here to help, contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Peer Mentor Guide?

All Peer Mentor Guides are breast cancer survivors and thrivers that volunteer their time to support someone facing a breast cancer diagnosis. They’ve completed a training program developed for Firefly Sisterhood to help them best use their personal breast cancer experience to comfort and guide those they will be mentoring.

How will I be matched with a Peer Mentor Guide?

There are no automated matches here. Our match specialists are personally involved with every single match, assessing the needs of those seeking support. You will receive an email from a staff member to schedule a phone call to discuss your diagnosis, treatment plan, and your lifestyle beyond breast cancer.

Is my information confidential?

Yes, anything shared with Firefly Sisterhood will never be shared with anyone outside of the matching process.

What is the cost for this support?

All of our services are free! We are committed to ensuring that no one faces breast cancer alone.

How quickly will I be matched with a Peer Mentor Guide?

Once you’ve talked to a match specialist and shared information about your diagnosis and your support needs, we will match you with a Peer Mentor Guide as quickly as possible. In most cases, it’s less than a week.

How often do Firefly Sisters connect?

It’s up to you and your Peer Mentor Guide to determine how frequently you would like to connect. The match may result in a few phone calls, or could continue for months during your treatment. You will also decide together how you would like to keep in touch, whether by phone calls, texts, or perhaps even meeting in person.

Can I have more than one Peer Mentor Guide?

Yes, we can match you with Peer Mentor Guides for different support needs. For example, if you are evaluating your surgical options, you might want to talk with someone who has had a lumpectomy and someone who has had a mastectomy.

Are all connections one-to-one?

Our primary goal is to create meaningful one-to-one connections; however, we regularly organize social and educational gatherings to provide support and friendship within our community.

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